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Related post: Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 02:46:28 +0200 From: Adrie van Dijk Subject: Passing through Stone Chapter 6The following story is fictional. Any similarity with actual events and persons nude children pics is purely accidental and unintentional. The central theme of the story is the relationship between an adult male and a teenage boy. If you don't like such stories or if you're not child porno nudes allowed to read them, please exit this page.I do try to answer all e-mails I get, so feel free to fill me in on your thoughts about it.Please be aware that, even though this story is fictional, there are indeed a lot of street kids out in the real world. pic pre child If you are in a position to help them, then please do so. There are lots of charities all over the world female child porn that help out these kids, they child sex fucking need your support. Passing through StoneChapter 6.I pushed the door open a bit further and peaked inside. My heart jumped as I was presented with a sight that I was sure would stay with me for the rest of my life. There, in the middle of the sex nude child bed, lay Boris, sleeping, with his arms around his brothers who flanked him like two little angels. Their faces looked so peaceful, as the three naked child modles of them clang to each other. I slowly backed away and closed the door as silently as possible. Then I went into the kitchen to rusia child porn sexy children fucked make coffee and tea ready.When I was just halfway through my first cup of coffee the door to the bedroom opened up. Through it came Boris, yawning, with the taiwan child porno twins hot on his tail, still wiping the sleep from their eyes. I told Boris cartoon child xxx tea was ready in the kitchen, but child rape porno he first came towards me and kissed me full on the lips, the twins followed, giving me each a kiss on my cheek. They giggled a bit as I hadn't shaved yet and the children porn pussy day's growth on my cheek must have tickled them. I tousled the hair of each of them before they got away from children lesbians pics me and followed Boris into the kitchen.As we all were settled in the living room Boris explained to me that the twins had come into our bedroom during the night. They had woken him up and had asked if they could sleep with us. As he was afraid I might get nudist children freepics angry about it, he had decided to sleep with them in their bed instead."Why do you think I would get angry?"Boris just shrugged and child amateur I realized nudist child pics he was probably as insecure about everything as I nude children preview was. Only a little earlier I had been afraid that he and his brothers had packed up and left. child cunt gallery He was afraid that child pussy movies he might do something to upset me and that child porn trailers I would stop loving him because of it.I pulled him close nude childs girls to me."I love you Boris. I will always love you no matter russian child modeels what. And you don't have to be afraid that you'll make me angry, I don't think it will ever happen. And I love Pavel and Pjotr too. Not like I love you, Sexy child naked but like they were my sons or my very little brothers. Do you understand?"Boris slightly nodded."When I woke up this morning and child illegal porno you weren't in bed I got afraid too. When I couldn't find you here or in the kitchen I got really scared. I thought you and Pavel and Pjotr had gone and left me alone.""O no, I never leave you. I love you," he said, while an affronted look crossed his face. I smiled at him, as I anime child fucking combed his hair with my fingers. Then his bright smile reappeared and he gave me a fierce hug. "I understand," he whispered, and I knew he did. Then the twins surprised me by joining us, one hugging me, the other one hugging Boris. Another Kodak moment, nude children asian it cocks xxx children flashed through my mind.After the group hug it was time to hit the hentai child shower and get dressed. We would have to go out for breakfast as the refrigerator was near empty. I also had some other shopping planned, but I thought it would be best to just surprise the boys with that. So a little over an hour later porno child pics we were on the streets again, camp nudes children looking for a place to have a decent breakfast. We came across a nice looking cafeteria, walked in and took our seats picture fuck children at one of the tables. When one of the waiters came over I told him we would like to order some breakfast. He smiled at me, but then said something in Rumanian to Boris and the twins, which made them blush furiously and they looked at me with weird no child porn expressions."I'm sorry, but what did you just say to these boys," asian childporno I asked chil nudiste nude fucking child the waiter, fisting incest child who was still standing at our table as if waiting for something."O, I asked them to leave sir, because we don't serve their kind here."My face must have turned completely white, as hardcore child photos it usually does when I get extremely angry. Then the guy had the nerve to ask child anal porno me if I was feeling xxx child photos alright and if I maybe needed a glass of water. I got up from my chair, doing the utmost fucker child galeri to stay calm and asked Boris and the twins to follow me so we could find some other place to have breakfast."You're not going to have breakfast here, sir?" the waiter then asked as I walked past him. I turned around to face him, now child asian porno trembling from anger. "You have just insulted child jpg porno my three guests here. Do you really think I would still have breakfast here, you little piece of shit?" I spat. Not waiting for an answer I turned away again and walked out, guiding the three boys in front of me.After we had walked a little distance from childsex dvd the cafeteria I noticed the expressions of fear on the boys' faces and stopped walking."Are you going to send us hot nude childs away now?" Boris asked in an almost whimpering voice. Looking into those beautiful light brown eyes of Boris, I felt all the anger that had been building up leave me."O no, why would I send you guys away? I love you. Do you think I would send the three of you away, illegal sex childporn just because that man there is an asshole and a little piece of shit?"At that Boris started to giggle a bit and I guess he translated pretty literally what I forbidden child sex had said to the twins as they joined child seks movies him. With the three of them giggling and the anger gone, I started to laugh too and told them we'd find another place to have breakfast child masturbating pictures if they were still hungry. They were.We ended up having breakfast at a very small restaurant just off one of the main boulevards. The place was cosy and the twins especially enjoyed a copious meal. It pussy child girls was just amazing to see how much food could disappear in such relatively small bodies. When we were out naked ukraina child on one of the naturalist child pics boulevards again, I noticed a large clothing store incest of children and started to guide the boys towards the entrance. As we were nearly there Boris suddenly stopped and looked at me questioningly."I know you are fotos defloration child a proud boy," I said, as I put my hand on his shoulder, "and I don't want to upset you, but I think you three would look so much nicer if you had new clothes." Bending over and whispering into his ear, I added: "And I anime childsex trailer think you just look much too sexy in the clothes you're wearing now."He chuckled as I gave him a wink and then we walked on into the store.The boys had clearly felt a bit uneasy at first but then child sex masturbation slowly started to enjoy trying out new clothes. By the time I was finished they were each carrying large bags filled with every piece of clothing imaginable. Next stop was a shoe store and the boys were really getting into the shopping streak. Personally achilles heel sore I loved every minute of it as they were slowly driving some of the staff into desperation. But the boys finally found what they wanted and with a few naked child girls more bags we proceeded on our way.It was time to head back to the apartment, but as we were nearing a large electronics story an idea hit me. I had no idea what Hans or his friends would come up with, but I wanted to be prepared and a small copier/fax machine bangkok extreme child could really come in handy. We went children pics sex into the store and I had quickly made my choice. The boys in the meantime had wandered off and found their way to a part of the store where some other boys were playing videogames on one of those child porns jpg modern game systems. Boris children porn russia and the twins were totally mesmerized, which gave me some time to talk to one of the staff. When I had gotten everything I wanted and had it cute childs pics packed bathing child pictures and paid for, I called out to Boris and the twins. After child fuck photo a little hesitation they walked over and joined me as I got out of the store. Walking back free children preeten to the apartment they were talking amongst themselves in Rumanian, and from the little gestures they made with their bag filled arms girl child fingering and other body parts gay child pics I could easily imagine the main topic. I tried not to snicker as I was pondering one of the purchases I had made.When we got back to the apartment the boys had at least settled ilegal child down a bit, but of course had to try out all their new clothes. When the twins came into the living room wearing their new identical dress pants and sweaters it was indeed a sight to see. They looked absolutely stunning, but I admit that I was extremely biased. As Boris entered the room wearing the exact same combination I almost went over the edge. Out of nowhere a huge lump had appeared in my throat and I could hardly breathe. I managed to ask Boris for him children fuck sexe and the twins to sit down on the couch, which they did. Then I took one of the bags I had gotten at the electronics store and put it on the coffee table."I bought this as a surprise for you guys, when you weren't looking. You three look so handsome now, and I hope you will like it," I croaked, while I stepped back.Boris translated and then the three of them just looked at me questioningly. I gestured they should go ahead and open the bag up, but only Boris moved forward and pulled the bag down over its content. As the Xbox was revealed, the boys' eyes grew as big as saucers and it looked like they were actually holding their breath. For a little while there was total silence, and then I got buried under a pile of boys. I got pushed back into a chair with the twins on either side, nearly pulling out my petite child porn arms and Boris on childporno videos my lap, wetting my face. It looked like I had made a pretty good asian child naturist choice.When the boys were child slut finished tearing me limb for limb, they quieted down a bit and we got to unpacking. The whole child nudity movie thing was set up pretty fast and the twins had their first go at playing a video game. Like most young people, they took to it like fish to water, soon becoming oblivious to the things around them. In the mean time I had set up the 3-in-1 printer/copier/fax machine and was enjoying the twins at their play. Then I suddenly remembered we had child porno 3d forgotten to buy japanese child nudist us some of the most important things: food and drinks. So Boris and I went out again, leaving the twins with their new found treasure.The rest of the day went by rather uneventfully. childmoddel Boris and amateur childfuck the twins tried out all of the games that I had gotten them for the Xbox and it was a joy to watch them. I had asked Boris for the birth certificates and made copies of them with the 3-in-1, which came out pretty good. We had our meals and snacks and I realized that taking care of three boys would take a fucking childs pictures lot of chiled nudist shopping. Watching Boris and the twins being happy and carefree made me incredibly grateful, and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if I had them at home.After an early dinner and as the time to call Hans drew near I became tense and nervous. A child nonude galleries myriad of questions and possible scenarios was filling up the back of my mind. Boris somehow noticed and snuggled up to me. Sprawled on the couch I held onto him and nudest children photos the closeness had a soothing effect. He felt so warm, so comfortable, it made me want to nod off and just sexy small child hang onto him like that forever. asian nude childrens Here I was; the guy who thought he'd be alone for the rest of his life, children amateur fucking hooked on a fifteen year old boy, whom I met just a few weeks ago. The thought made me smile and I pulled Boris just that little bit closer and tighter to me.I closed my eyes for a few seconds, only to notice that three quarters of an hour had passed. I told Boris I had to make a phone call and he reluctantly moved aside so I could get up. As I picked up the receiver I took a deep breath, and started dialling Hans' number. He must have been sitting next to the phone as he picked up children cunt porn almost immediately.After the regular introductory remarks had been made, russian children insest Hans started to fill me in on what he had found out."Well Ton, adopting older children as I expect you free children fucking will want to keep everything nice and legal, you indeed have only one option, and that is to adopt the boys. Under normal circumstances that could take quite some time, but I got the name and address of a Rumanian attorney in Bucharest that seems to know how to play the child fuck pics system. According to this friend childporn ru of mine, child nude kid if you're willing to grease the wheels, you should be able to take them with you within as little time as a few days.""What you're saying is that if I have some people bribed, I can easily take them with me?""Yes, that's about what it boils down to.""Isn't that rather dangerous and couldn't it backfire? child naked fucked And would the adoption really be legit?""As I've gathered, bribes are a fact of life in Rumania and the legal system is no exception to that. Just let that Rumanian attorney handle everything, pay him whatever he asks for and don't ask any questions. And the adoption will be completely legitimate, I was assured of that.""I children pussy picture don't really like the idea, but if freechild porn you think it will work then so be it. What's this guys name and address?"Hans gave child preeten sexs me the name and address of the attorney and a number for me to call to make an appointment. I was assured that whoever I would get on the phone would understand English, so making an appointment wouldn't be too child porn illegal much trouble. I thanked Hans for his efforts and promised to keep him informed on the progress, which was something he insisted japan sexi child on. When I put down the receiver I realized it was time now to talk to the childs pics boys and I knew I was afraid they might say no.
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